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What Should I Consider When Selecting A Personal Injury Lawyer?

With the internet entwined in every facet of our lives, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Google, the advertising strategy of most law firms is simply to publicize how much money they have purportedly recovered for their clients. Although monetary recovery often represents the culmination of many legal proceedings, it is important that you look beyond the proclaimed dollar value of a firm’s settlements and consider additional factors in making an informed decision when selecting an attorney.

First and foremost, do you share the same goals as your attorney?

Roberts Jones’ number one priority is your health and well-being. From the onset of our relationship, we want to ensure that you get back to your pre-accident self as quickly as possible. This means assuring that the medical providers and professionals you are seeing or will see, actually have your best interests at heart. Be wary of providers that are looking to close your case as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, in some cases, our clients suffer substantial injuries that result in permanent impairment, and reaching 100% of your pre-accident self is not possible. In all cases, our attorneys work with you every step of the way to make sure you get to the maximum level of medical improvement in addition to any financial compensation.

While our firm’s philosophy may be different from others, we do not favor amassing large medical costs if they are not necessary, and we do not encourage our clients to stay off work. Based on our experience and research, insurance companies and juries will compensate those who try their best to recover and return to as many pre-accident activities as possible.

Additional Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you comfortable when meeting with the lawyer? Do you trust the attorney to guide you through this difficult process? Do you believe they have your best interests in mind? These are just a few of the things you must consider as you choose the lawyer who will assist you in a case that may impact the rest of your life.

There are numerous attorneys who delegate important work to non-lawyers in their office and only meet with their clients periodically, giving the illusion that their matter is being handled every step of the way by an experienced attorney when, in fact, the attorney is merely operating in a supervisory role to your case. Although there are many highly competent and essential non-attorneys in every firm, not having an experienced attorney handling every step of your case could detrimentally affect the value. Here at Roberts Jones Law, we maintain a caseload that allows our attorneys to handle each case from intake to conclusion, every step of the way.

What We Help With

At Roberts Jones Law, our attorneys manage all aspects of your insurance claim and/or personal injury case, so you can concentrate on what’s important…recovering from your injuries.

We focus on your health and well-being before ever concluding your case

We will manage all documents and medical bills pertaining to your case, so you don’t have to. Following the conclusion of your treatment, we draft a personal injury “demand” and present it to the at-fault driver and/or their insurance company. It is vital all our clients realize that settlements, jury verdicts, or arbitration awards are final and cannot be reopened later if new, unexpected expenses are incurred. Unlike many personal injury firms, we never accept or decline an offer without consulting you, and we will never pressure you to accept an unfair settlement.

We pride ourselves on developing a rapport with our clients that allows us to relay vital information relating to your case in easy-to-understand language and discuss your options with you helping you reach the best possible decision. We also make sure any outstanding bills are taken care of, leaving you with no further legal or financial obligations. Most importantly, we fully explain every step of any potential litigation process to minimize confusion, apprehension, and stress.

Why Should You Hire Roberts Jones Law?

Insurance company adjusters are trained to steer claimants/insureds away from retaining an attorney because they know that will result in more compensation for your loss. According to the Insurance Research Council, the value of claims when the claimant is represented by an attorney is more than 100% higher than those not represented by an attorney. Simply put, insurance companies know that they will be paying more for the injuries and circumstances when a claimant is represented by an attorney. We meet with you from the very first consultation and will be the same attorneys with you in the event that your case goes to trial.

Let’s sit down for a free consultation to discuss your case!

If you have been involved in an accident and there are multiple parties involved, you need legal services from an experienced personal injury attorney from Roberts Jones Law. Our attorneys at Roberts Jones Law have the expertise and experience necessary to effectively handle multiple insurance companies simultaneously and to build a case designed to protect your rights and interests.

At Roberts Jones Law we will provide you with the guidance, care, and support needed to secure the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured as a result of someone’s carelessness, breach of duty of care, or deliberate act, you have rights under the law to seek compensation for your damages.

Trust the attorneys at Roberts Jones Law when you want legal services catered to your individual needs.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not contain legal advice.


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