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Car Accident Attorney in Federal Way, WA

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Driven to Defend Your Rights

Welcome to Roberts Jones Law, your local source for steadfast legal representation after a car accident. Located in the heart of Federal Way, WA, our team is dedicated to defending your rights, pursuing justice, and securing the compensation you deserve.

A car accident can leave you physically, emotionally, and financially drained. But with Roberts Jones Law, you’re not alone. Our expert car accident attorneys are here to guide you every step of the way, helping you navigate the legal maze and reclaim your peace of mind.

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Why Choose Roberts Jones Law?

  • Local Expertise: Our team is deeply familiar with Federal Way’s legal landscape, providing you with locally relevant representation.
  • Experienced Advocates: With a wealth of experience in car accident cases, our lawyers know how to negotiate effectively and win cases.
  • Personal Approach: We believe in a client-centered approach. Every case we handle is tailored to meet the individual needs and circumstances of our clients.
  • No Win, No Fee: We operate on a contingency fee basis. You pay nothing unless we secure compensation on your behalf.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive legal services related to car accidents:

Personal Injury Claims:

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, we’ll fight relentlessly for your right to compensation.

Wrongful Death Claims

If you’ve lost a loved one in a car accident, we’ll pursue a wrongful death claim to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Insurance Claims

Navigating the complex insurance claims process can be daunting. Our experienced lawyers will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, aiming to maximize your claim.

Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving trucks often result in severe injuries. We have the expertise to handle these complex cases and seek the justice you deserve.

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